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She may not like you for anything more than your ethnicity.It’s a very shallow attraction, and any Asian guy could probably do it for her.If she likes Asian cultures but can function in the American one, you’ve found a winner.Are you familiar with twin studies that are supposed to determine how much of our personality is influenced by genetics versus the environment?For every year she spends in the West, she must live for ten years in a culture where feminism and unbridled capitalism has not yet corrupted society in order to rid herself of the disease.Unfortunately, by the time all traces of virus are undetectable in her bloodstream, she will be old and craggily, no longer suitable or capable of mating. To give you an idea of how far gone Western women are, I present the following article: My first-date dress works every time.Throughout the years, I’ve befriended many of them and seen so many similarities and differences.

I don’t know the exact epidemiology of infection, or what sorts of experiences cause such devastating damage, but stepping foot inside the borders of America or Britain for more than three months will cause the female victim to become infected with the Western virus.She tried to make fun of me for being alone in the club, when she was in fact alone herself.She smiled while busting my balls, as if she was getting enjoyment out of it.While not all my interactions with Polish women result in beautiful lovemaking, it’s very rare that I’m wondering to myself why she had to act in a rude manner when I wasn’t disrespecting her.Therefore it’s easy for me to conclude that Western cultures cause direct negative harm to a woman’s feminine vibe and allure. She loses the ability to flirt with a man without busting his balls or insulting him. She does everything in her power to withhold interest, even when it’s clear that sex is on the agenda. She becomes a status whore more concerned about your job, who you know, and what you own instead of the experiences you’ve had.

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