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When she arrives at the family estate, she finds herself in the middle of a mysterious plot.Casey tries to create a rift between her father and his new wife, Jill, even as Jill's mother suddenly dies.As Jill begins to put the pieces together, she realizes her stepdaughter may be playing a deadly game.Emmanuelle Vaugier is the only only redeeming thing about this movie.Edgington Academy's new teacher takes a special and disturbing interest in helping Bridgette that threatens her entire future.15 yrs after she was left in a ditch, a young woman is contacted by a millionaire from NYC who claims to be her mother. Alexis was only 16 when her mom was killed in a tragic car accident.

The type of relationsip I'm looking for just isn't something that I can have with my step daughter." She looked up at me and in a small voice said, "We have that if you'll just give me a chance." She then leaned up and kissed me on the lips. Part of me knew this was wrong, but it just felt so good, I couldn't stop. After kissing for a bit, she whispered, "Daddy I want to make you feel good again.

All of these special times were difficult, but we got through them together.

Lexi was busy in school and doing well again, and I was working hard trying to make ends meet.

The problem was, that every time I went out on a date, it just didn't feel right.

Sometimes it ended up with sex, but it always seemed empty. You don't realize how jealous I get when you go out on these dates."Lexi was looking up at me as she said that.

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She almost always had dinner ready when I got home, and started taking care of the house. I was watching her grow into a beautiful young woman. I needed to find some female companionship, to get some intimacy back in my life.

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