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Inverse of Shrug of God (when the creator(s) refuses to give a concrete answer), and of Better Than Canon (when the fans all decide their theory is preferable regardless of what the creator says).When this happens between fictional characters, it's a Sure, Let's Go with That.Deadmau5 released his last album, ‘Album Title Goes Here’ in September 2012. This mainly happens when the theme or subject of the fanon had not been planned out by the author(s) beforehand, and is much more common in works, such as fanfiction and webcomics, which often aren't planned from the start.And they actually came close to MARRYING most of the women they dated.Eventually a friend of theirs confided that Benji and Joel (Rolling Stone Magazine called them “) are actually super-decent guys.Randi Gerber revealed this news – apparently he was among the lucky 13. Amal was not in the picture yet, so he didn’t eliminate women because of her.But he was ALREADY a millionaire, thanks to his entertainment business – bars and lounges worldwide. MOST IMPORTANT, George didn’t know even ONE WOMAN in his life deserving of such a gift? There’s no doubt that George is a nice guy, but this proves that even nice guys don’t help women…

(when a phrase that's well known was never uttered in the canon).

Whether it's officially shown in a canonical work is another matter, and may "only" reach the status of Word of God, but most of the time the author(s) sees some minutiae they hadn't thought too much of themselves as a decent enough explanation that they don't mind and don't want to Joss it into oblivion.

That was my reasoning all along."This is when fanon is promoted to canonicity.

Synthesizer, keyboard, piano, digital audio workstation, programming Mau5trap, Astralwerks, Virgin EMI, Ultra, Ministry of Sound, Song Bird, Play, Virgin, Parlophone, Kobalt Music5 ft 9 in or 175 cm74 kg or 163 pounds Deadmau5 has dated –He released his first album in 2005, and it was called Get Scraped. His first theatrical appearance was in the movie The Electric Daisy Carnival Experience.

The live concert documentary was released in 2011 and documented the electronic music festival in all its glory. His first appearance on a television show was playing himself on the TV drama Gossip Girl in March 2010.

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