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If past guest lists are any indication, look for high-profile revelers such as Naomi Campbell and Stephen Dorff to mingle (and dance) among the artists and buyers Schnabel represents. He’s not afraid of a little pink: Vito lives in the colorful Palazzo Chupi, a controversial pink condominium designed by his father (who also lives there), which towers above New York City’s West Village.Neighbors have described the place as “an exploded Malibu Barbie house.” 3.His eccentric father is no stranger to romancing beautiful women.

He knows how to throw a party: Vito’s late-night bashes at the W Hotel during Art Basel Miami have been well documented and, apparently, very well attended by celebrities and art aficionados who attend the annual festival, which kicks off again in December.Even today, he’s still known to dominate during his rooftop basketball games at Art Basel Miami. Dating celebrities runs in the family: Before Moore, Vito was linked to Elle Macpherson and Liv Tyler.As “Project Runway” host Heidi Klum frolicked in the waters off Tulum, Mexico, last month, she wore little more than a skimpy bikini bottom — and art-dealer beau Vito Schnabel on her arm.He’s always had this confidence.” Schnabel’s longtime penchant for older ladies might be a result of such formidable women in his life, says relationship expert Dr.Gilda Carle: “The mother figure represents someone who is strong, dependable and someone they can always go to. A lot of men want that type of nurturing.” A 40-something socialite who has known Schnabel since he was a child, and asked that her name not be printed, says it’s obvious why he so beguiles older women: “When he talks to you, it’s like you’re the only person in the room,” she says.

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He’s gone on to work closely with controversial artist Terence Koh, who once gold-plated his own feces, and multimedia performance artist Laurie Anderson.

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