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The portrayal of Asians has since then grown to be more passive and submissive group due to the Model minority myth – “the belief that Asian/Americans have achieved the American Dream through hard work and passive obedience.” Asian women were portrayed by White women long before any Asian actresses were allowed into Hollywood.Makeup artists would apply prosthetic eyelids and draw winged tipped eyeliner to imitate the “Asian” look on White actresses.She is quiet, innocent, and compliant with delicate features and in the song “Don’t Marry Me” she even shows that she could be treated in a horrible manner and still be a compliant wife willing to do everything she’s asked to do. Linda is the sassy, sexy show girl that is willing to do anything to get her way.She is strong and outspoken and knows what she wants and describes it in the song “I Enjoy Being A Girl”.Flower Drum Song was a 1961 film musical adaptation by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II. Flower Drum Song is about a daughter, Mei Le, and her father that stow away on a cargo ship to San Francisco from China so that the daughter can be sold as a picture bride to a man named Sammy Fong that runs a show house.

Strong women who used their sexuality and gender to their advantage to get what they wanted.It’s found out that the long time girlfriend is cheating on him with the nephew.The whole thing is very complicated and you will get lost very fast in the convoluted plot if you’re not paying enough attention.Both images stimulate sexual voyeurism of White men and continue to objectify the exotic Oriental as their property.Many of these women are unable to resist White men, or exploited and betrayed by Asian men and later saved by a White male hero.

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