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The continuation of the west wall beyond the line of the north wall indicates that to the north the building was continued or planned to be continued.

Already the building had assumed its characteristic shape: that of a topped triangle.

Before my work in Ostia the building as a whole had been studied by Becatti [3].

Its mosaics were later studied in detail by Becatti, its paintings by Van Essen and Borda, its masonry by Heres [4].

Afterwards rather different building phases were suggested by Tione [5], but her 19 publications are not detailed enough to accept her conclusions.

The House of the Gorgons was excavated shortly before, or during the first years of, the Second World War.Esta característica de sistema de pesos intercambiáveis, permite aos pescadores o ajuste de peso para o afundamento a velocidade idónea sem sacrificar o equilíbrio e a acção da atracção.Este peso de oscilação livre garantirá um equilíbrio perfeito em todo o momento.It is likely that the masonry from this period in the central part of the building belongs to a courtyard with porticus, as was the case in the fourth century.Some masonry in the west wall of the building, narrowing doorways, may belong to the same period.

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