Soon to be ex husband is dating

And he's allegedly tried to hire other inmates to kill her.

Back then, I didn't know the red flags to look for in dating in terms of someone with abusive personality.

Pitt shared that the phase after their divorce is a time for him to reflect, discover more about himself, his weaknesses, learn from his failures and take responsibility for his actions.

And he told me that if anyone had heard me yelling for help and had called the police, that he was going to shoot the officers that answered the door and then kill me.Because on the surface, we had a beautiful home, we had nice cars, we had beautiful children ...everything looked wonderful, so people were shocked when they found out what was really happening.Update October 20, a.m.: Nicole Beverly took the stand yesterday to testify against her ex-husband, and saw the man who has threatened her life and the lives of their sons for the first time since he was sent to prison for stalking her in 2012.After her testimony, Ann Arbor District Judge Karen Quinlan Valvo ruled that there is sufficient evidence for Kevin Beverly to stand trial against the new charges brought forward by Attorney General Bill Schuette.

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