Tasty dates dating

Answer this New York Times questionnaire that might make you fall in love. Take a free class at your library or community center in something neither of you are good at.

Play farmers market ABCs: See who can find something that starts with every letter of the alphabet first.

The Cookbook Club involves special events where chefs cook a three-course meal from their cookbook, and meet the diners at the same time.

Previous chefs include Catherine Fulvio, Kevin Dundon and Darina Allen.

Have a sweepstakes night where you both enter as many free sweepstakes as you can find.44.

Take your laptop somewhere and have a DIY outdoor movie screening.43. Play nonsense Scrabble, where you play using fake words and have to make up definitions for them.46.

Go on a tour of your local Masonic Lodge, then watch National Treasure.

Have a Chopped competition to see who can make the best dish out of whatever you already have in the fridge.

People can also tweet about being there, and those tweets will earn them a top up of wine.

“There will be five random boys and five random girls at a table of 10 and I’ll be introducing them to each other.

I think that young people today are less insecure, and more adventurous about trying out wines than previous generations.

If you’re dating a Thai man, think you might date a Thai man, or even end up with a Thai husband.

let me tell you it isn’t actually as different as it might seem.

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56 Record the story of how you met for posterity à la When Harry Met Sally.57. Read your poem at a local coffee shop open mic night.59.

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