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The group had developed an interest in Tiffany and his skills and sought to recruit them, but Kenji Hiroshi intervened to arm the pair with the knowledge and skills required to protect themselves.During the Second Battle of Grat Garrett fought against the Kikkashō and Imawashī agent Ichiro.Garrett eventually met and developed a romantic relationship with rogue Substitute Shinigami Tiffany Henderson, reconciled with his father, and befriended the amnesiac Ries Nohr.Prior to The Collapse Garrett learned of the Kikkashō criminal organization.He worked a number of part-time jobs whilst still attending school but dropped out of highschool shortly after the Second Battle of Grat.

Kenji also applied the symbol of a lightning bolt to the back of Garrett's gi, for he believed that people should know that it was he who trained him. His opinion of her increased tremendously when he learned that she too was a mixed-martial artist like himself, and quite capable of looking after herself.

He was aided in his battles by May, Lloyd and Randy Jones.

Throughout this period he also regularly competed in the underground Arena Beatdown competition, with a dream to emulate his father and become the "King of the Arena".

Throughout Part III of the series Garrett was a close friend of both Hawke Kori and David Kori, and fought at their side frequently against Hollow and other supernatural threats, having received his initial spiritual training from Anko Amatsuki and her sister Marisa.

His crusade to protect Grat continued even after Hawke and David left to aid Kentaro Hiroshi and the Ryū Order against Oda Kōhai and his brothers.

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It doesn't matter if you're a Shinigami, a Hollow, or an assassin. " Garrett Shepard (ガレット羊), known throughout the spiritual world as the "Son of Raijin", is a spiritually aware Human capable of performing Fullbring who lives in Grat.

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