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a batch process) I usually load the entities and work with dynamic proxies.

Usually in batch processes you need to load the data anyways at the time the service runs.

You won't receive an error because those fields won't be in your form.

You leave out the fields you will definitely not be updating, grab the entry from the database using the form passed back by attaching it, and tell the entry that those fields aren't being modified.

Its probably better to do this with view models, though, in order to avoid repeating sets of properties.

I haven't done that yet because I don't know how to avoid bringing the validation messages on my view model validators into my domain project.

I have added an extra update method onto my repository base class that's similar to the update method generated by Scaffolding.

Model validation is controlled in the Model State, not in the context.

This example is referencing an existing user, hence "updated User".

this article shows how to do GUI processing and background work in WPF using C# with an eye on progress and the ability to cancel.

This article demonstrates all these topics : I write these articles to enlighten the development community as well as notes for myself as I work in the differing technologies going forward.

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