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She had a dream of being a successful model since her early days. She moved her first step towards her dream to be a model at the age of fifteen. Her number of fans and followers were also increased.She started her career as a model by appearing in Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Model Search; NBC's reality television series. Beautiful Van Santen was also offered for many new movies from well-known producers and directors.Coming in, [Rob and I] weren’t always very well received.

The storyline Mark made for him to come back is pretty great…

She was also seen in Something Wicked as Christine.

Van Santen hasn't revealed much about her personal life. Neither she has mentioned her boyfriend but there is a rumor that she is dating Robert Buckley.

It’s a mutual respect, and the way he’s coming back as well, there’s a respect for his character.

They don’t give us a whole lot of development, but it’s there, and you can see the history.” Van Santen thinks that though Murray’s return is brief, fans will be satisfied by their last glimpse of their old favorite.

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I never got the chance to meet him, and I hear he’s fantastic. Their relationship has taken some major hits, but Quinn has steadfastly refused to let it fracture under the strain. People can hold onto one thing they love or relate to, something in someone’s relationship, and I want us to be quirky and unconventional.

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